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To create lasting community benefit in today’s rapidly changing world, we need to work and think differently.

SMART SEEDS is a design-led innovation program empowering emerging leaders to co-create integrated solutions to complex challenges.

Powered by GHD with partners, Smart Seeds nurtures the collective creativity and entrepreneurial mindsets of emerging leaders to co-create lasting community benefit.

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Our innovation framework is based on the principles of design thinking.


Workshops and Events


In this welcome and launch workshop, participants engage with regional challenges developed by industry and community leaders. Participants learn essential tools for insightful customer discovery, matching these challenges to specific user centric problems experienced by the community. Mentors are introduced, and newly formed teams begin planning their approach for customer research and insights


Building on learnings from customer research, team generate, filter, test and refine their ideas working towards first pitch-able prototypes of their idea-solutions.

Teams develop the skills to influence change in organisations and the community, as well as practice their pitch to refine for maximum impact at the showcase event.

Teams pitch their idea to industry and community leaders to gather support.

Our learning framework combines opportunities for formal learning, learning by doing and learning from others.

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We invite organisations who believe in the collective creativity of their emerging leaders and communities to participate and partner with Smart Seeds.

For more information about how your organisation can be involved in Smart Seeds, contact us at info@smartseeds.org.

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