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Smart Seeds Auckland is now complete!

A huge congratulations to our Auckland participants who presented their solutions at our showcase event. Congratulations to the winners of the Judges Award, ‘CONNECTWAY’, and our People’s Choice Award went to ‘but wait…there’s more!’.

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Key Dates

Challenge Workshop 9 April 2019
Launch 15 May 2019
Design Thinking Workshop 28 May 2019
Pivot Workshop 5 June 2019
Pitch Workshop 3 July 2019
Showcase Event 31 July 2019

Challenges and Teams

Challenge A: The Future of Transport  

The nature of transport in our cities is shifting rapidly and unpredictably in response to technological, social, environmental and economic changes. With so many variables to consider, it is difficult for transport authorities to plan for an uncertain future.

How can we enable customers to have a seamless journey from their origin to their destination, seamlessly integrating the transport modes of their choice?

Challenge B: Construction Waste: The Invisible Problem

Construction is complex, regulated and involves many materials and building regulations. We want the team to liaise directly with home builders and waste management agencies to identify a tangible change, however small, to their current materials or practices that makes sense to their bottom line and the environment.

Challenge C: The City of Harbours

Auckland is surrounded by three harbours, the Waitemata, the Manukau and the Kaipara.  On the face of it, the Waitemata appears to be highly valued and used for water sports and recreation; whilst it could be perceived that the other two have a much lower profile and priority for Aucklanders.  Despite appearances however, all three harbours are under ever increasing pressure from urbanisation and population growth, becoming the “sinks” for a range of land based activities and discharges.

How does Auckland connect with its three harbours, and ensure they are a part of the city’s growth and future success?

Challenge D: Enhancing our social value for the year 2021

In 2021, through the hosting of multiple major events headlined by the 36th America’s Cup, Auckland will be presenting its ‘best face’ to the world.

Significant investment in permanent new infrastructure will ensure that the event will leave a positive built-form legacy, but how can we leverage our hosting of the event to deliver sustainable social benefit to Auckland?

 Challenge E: But wait…there’s more! 


  • the limits of our city’s wealth (the need to “do more with less”); and
  • spatial limitations (running out of affordable space and wanting to avoid sprawl),

What are the opportunities to use both existing spaces and infrastructure differently for the benefit of the community?

Challenge F: Inclusive Auckland

As our city grows, how do we faster connect people to their local communities and support integration?

Auckland is adding approximately 50,000 new people every year, from both overseas and from other parts of NZ. An issue facing new and existing Aucklander’s is the challenge of social disconnection within our communities; impacting quality of life, productivity, mental health, and community spirit. How can we rethink the way we build social cohesion and integrate our newcomers into our local communities?

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