Sydney 2019

Smart Seeds Showcase Event

15th May 2019

Order of Events 


4:00 PM Arrival

4:30 PM Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country


4:45 PM Presentations

People’s Choice Voting and Judges deliberations


6:20PM Awards Announcement

Networking, Nibbles and Drinks

8:30 PM Conclusion


Masters of Ceremonies

Sydney Program Lead

Micah Clark – Rail Market Leader, GHD
 Sydney Program Coordinator
Nick Ioannides – Engineer, GHD


Judging Panel

Elizabeth Mildwater –  Deputy Secretary Urban, Transport for NSW

Patrick Luxton – Head of Fuels Pricing and Optimisation, Caltex
Toni Blume – General Manager – Major Projects, Lendlease
Kumar Parakala – Global Digital Leader, GHD


Presenting Teams


Challenge A:

How might we shape the places which people live, travel and play in, to create a neighbourhood which parents feel comfortable to allow their children to travel safely and independently?


Matthew Schnelle, Sydney Water
Chay McKenzie, GHD
Ben Fishburn, Brickworks Limited
Henry Lenaghan, TfNSW
Tiarnee Schafer, Caltex
Aman Shamsin, Lendlease
Nuri Shin, GHD Mentor: Allen Ho, GHD Challenge Fellows:
Myfanwy Lawrence, TfNSW
Andrew Kendall, TfNSW

Challenge B

How might we create new communities that facilitate social connections and combat the ‘Loneliness Epidemic’?

Food 4 Soul
Nikhil Thirumani
Lauren Harrington, GHD
Anthony Finn, Sydney Water
Elaine Lee, Lendlease
Sandra Raskovska, Veolia
Priyanka Singh, Caltex
Jacquie Xidis, Sydney Water
Jessica Hannaford, GHD
Georgie Fleischer, Caltex
Challenge Fellows: Michala Lander, GHD


Challenge C

How might we further address the problem of packaging waste through reduction, reuse or recycling?

Smart Bins

Sarthak Aggarwal
Nick Ostrovsky
Michael Graham
, Lendlease
Samantha Read
Nicole Sawick
, Veolia
Jenny Nguyen
Sid Savadia, Caltex

Mentor: Michala Lander, GHD Challenge Fellows: Matt Williams, Lendlease

Challenge D

How might we develop an agribusiness precent in Western Sydney?

Amanda Le, Caltex
Aana Janakis, Veolia
Jasmine Ryan, GHD
Linh Tran, TfNSW
Emily Agostino, Veolia
Maddy Mullane, CBA
Daniel Green, GHD
Andrew Hooley, TfNSW
Challenge Fellows:
Roberta Lamont, GHD


Challenge E

How might we develop and utilise marginal/flood-prone land that goes beyond parkland and walkways?

Living Lush

Myles Turpin, Lendlease
Jahni Glasby, GHD
Reece Thompson, TfNSW
Megan Rolls, Lendlease
Tash Miranda, Sydney Water
Harry Stitt, Lendlease
Jonathan Love, TfNSW
Kate Chapman, Caltex
Parneet Bhatia, TfNSW
Challenge Fellows:
Roberta Lamont, GHD


Challenge F:

How can a modern precinct in a greenfield area implement the principles of circular economy to manage their resources sustainably?

Circular Connect

Myane Dimasangal, TfNSW
Sandra Gadd, GHD
Charlotte Brogan, TfNSW
James Endean, Veolia
Joseph Beach, TfNSW
Nick Jessep, Brickworks
Natalia Kuirintinus, TfNSW
Team Mentor: Jacqueline Linke, TfNSW
Challenge Fellows:
Raymond Llave, Sydney Water
Brendan Galway, Sydney Water

Vote Now – People’s Choice Award

Which presentation was the most innovative, engaging, and persuasive?


Your feedback and idea support 

We now have 6 fresh ideas you can help grow with local leadership and entrepreneurship.
We invite you, as a Smart Seeds participant, mentor, fellow, industry leader or supporter to explore these ideas and consider how you could support their further development.

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Key Dates

Challenge Workshop 22 March 2019
Launch 27 March 2019
Design Thinking Workshop 10 April 2019
Ideation 1 May 2019
Pitch Workshop 8 May 2019
Showcase Event 15 May 2019

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