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We now have 6 fresh ideas you can help grow with local leadership and entrepreneurship.
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Key Dates

Challenge Workshop 5 December 2018
Boot Camp Day 1 7 March 2019
Boot Camp Day 2 8 March 2019
Pitch Workshop 21 March 2019
Showcase Event 11 April 2019



Smart Seeds will take place in Tauranga for the first time in 2019!

Key Dates

Challenge Workshop 19 August 2019
Launch 11 September 2019
Design Thinking Workshop 18 September 2019
Pivot Workshop 9 October 2019
Pitch Workshop 30 October 2019
Showcase Event 27 November 2019

Challenges and Teams

Challenge A: Community Connection

Attracting and retaining young people will ensure the future growth and success of Tauranga. However, we have a missing middle within our community demographics. How do we attract 20-35 year olds to our city, making it an attractive place to live, work and play?

Challenge A Poster (1)-min

Challenge B: Wise waste choices – fostering sustainable behaviours

Our community needs to become more sustainable to protect our environment and ensure quality of life for future generations. The environment is under increasing pressure as infinite resources are being used up at a rate that is not sustainable.


How can we change the mind-set and behaviours around waste in our community so people are fostering sustainable behaviours (within context of Tauranga Demographics?)

Challenge B Poster-min (1)

Challenge C: Telling the Tauranga Story

Tauranga has lost its identity in that it doesn’t have a clearly defined way to tell its stories. People who live in Tauranga may not have a clear sense of place or connection to the history which means they are not engaged in the wider community. How and where can historical and current stories be told that celebrate its identity.

Challenge C Poster (1)-min

Challenge D: Community Engagement

How do we inform and engage the community in local government decision making, ensuring decisions made that affect the lives of people in our cities and towns are representative of our diverse communities and not the result of a vocal few.

Challenge D Poster (1)

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