Smart Seeds Growing

Smart Seeds is an annual innovation competition for young professionals focused on solving challenges in the infrastructure industry. It is a unique space where our future leaders can influence the legacy of our current leaders in making a difference.


Over the past 4 years, Smart Seeds has grown from an initiative only for GHD graduates to one that now includes young professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand from a variety of private and public organisations across the water, energy, transportation, building and environment sectors.


Supported by GHD, Engineers Australia, Bentley Systems and Innovation Interchange, Smart Seeds 2015 kicked off in February. Smart Seeds is being held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand with regional supporters including Lend Lease, City of Melbourne, Office of the Victorian Government Architect, Metropolitan Planning Authority and Transport for NSW.



Smart Seeds participants will be mentored by industry leaders when developing their concepts. They will use their knowledge and experiences as they collaborate to develop ideas in response to complex challenges facing the infrastructure industry, particularly around the topics of sustainability and liveability.


Jeremy Stone, Group Manager Innovation at GHD says “Participants can look forward to learning new innovation skills that they can use to influence positive change in their workplaces. Skills like creative idea generation techniques, idea assessment, and pitching ideas to win support and progress to delivery.”


“Supporters and audiences can look forward to getting inspired by some fresh ideas for solving some of our trickiest infrastructure challenges.”


Past winning ideas include a concept for a floating, rotating bridge to connect three key points in Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour to improve pedestrian connectivity and a concept for breathing life into derelict city sites on a temporary basis. Information and videos of past presentations can be found here.


For more information, tweet us @SmartSeedsGrow or contact Claire Dixon.

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