Adelaide Challenge Snapshot

Smart Seeds: Three Challenges Demanding Cross-Sector Collaboration in Adelaide

This week we’re connecting industry and government leaders in Adelaide to identify the challenges for Smart Seeds 2019. Smart Seeds is a design-led innovation program for emerging leaders, launching in Adelaide for the first time. Is your organisation committed to the next wave of leaders and innovation in Adelaide? Take a look at some of the trends and opportunities we see fueling cross-sector collaboration.

How can South Australia sustain the growth?

South Australia is poised to become the nation’s fastest growing economy this financial year, as it registers its best growth since before the global financial crisis. Export growth has been strong and retail spending has been above the national average for a while now. Higher business investment has been a primary driver of change. This confidence in small businesses is spreading through to jobs, with employment growth continuing to improve. Strong inflows of university students have boosted education revenue.

How can South Australia continue to evolve?

South Australia has quickly become Australia’s green and renewable energy leader in the last few years. If Lord Mayor Martin Haese has his way, it will become a city “awash with electric vehicles driven by workers on their way home from high tech, cutting edge digital businesses powered by renewable energy as the sun sets over the sea.” The state already has numerous wind farms, the world’s largest single lithium-ion battery installation, plans for pumped hydro and the country’s only sea water pumped hydro installation, at Cultana. Also recently announced is the state’s intention to have 75% of all energy come from renewable resources. The city wants to become carbon net zero by 2025, to set the precedent for other Australian cities to follow both in terms of environmental targets and cutting edge technology.

How can South Australia break away from the past?

There is the fear that South Australia’s positives have peaked and may evaporate in 2019, leaving the regions with its ongoing challenges in energy and manufacturing. Other ongoing issues include interstate and overseas migration of youth, demographic pressures and slow population growth. Migration of youth in particular seems to be a pressing challenge because as the young people leave, the number of retirees lifts relative to the working population.

If your organisation is grappling with these challenges and looking to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of your emerging leaders, we invite you to get involved.

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