Terms & Conditions

This revision of the Terms & Conditions was last updated on 25 March, 2019.

  • Thank you for agreeing to register in Smart Seeds, a global innovation program which empowers diverse groups of people to co-create integrated solutions to complex challenges (“Smart Seeds Program)”.
  • The Smart Seeds trademark is owned by GHD Pty Ltd (“GHD” or “we” or “us”). Smart Seeds events and campaigns are designed and delivered by GHD with partner organisations (“Partners”).
  • By registering for the Smart Seeds Program, participants and participating organisations (“Participants” or “you”) agree to abide by these terms and conditions, which include our Privacy Policy (available at https://www.ghd.com/en/privacy-policy.aspx) (“Terms”). Participants should review our Privacy Policy and these Terms carefully, and immediately cease participation in the Smart Seeds Program if you do not agree to these Terms.
  • GHD reserves the right to change or modify any of the Terms at any time and in its discretion. If GHD changes or modifies the Terms, GHD will post the changes to this site and will indicate at the top of this page the date of revision. By participating in the Smart Seeds Program at any time, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the then current Terms in use. If you do not accept any changes to the Terms, you must cease participation in the Smart Seeds Program.


  • To be eligible to enter the Smart Seeds Program you must be at least 18 years old and legally able to enter into a contract.
  • If you are entering as part of a company or on behalf of your employer, these rules are binding on you, individually, and/or your employer. If you are acting within the scope of your employment, as an employee, contractor, or agent of another party, you warrant that such party has full knowledge of your actions and has consented thereto, including your potential receipt of a reward. You further warrant that your actions do not violate your employer’s or company’s policies and procedures.


  • To register to be a Participant in the Smart Seeds Program, and obtain a ticket for the event, complete the registration document contained in your offer pack and indicate you agree to these Terms and Conditions. You will need to provide certain information about yourself to register. Registrations are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis, and GHD has the right to end registration or limit the number of registrants at any time in its discretion.


  • It is expected that Participants will attend all events they have registered for and are committed to further collaboration and idea development outside of the event times.
  • Participants acknowledge and agree to the following basis for recognition and awards:
    • a panel of senior industry leaders from a variety of organisations and disciplines will decide the Judge’s Choice Award at the Showcase event;
    • the audience at the Showcase event will vote electronically to decide the People’s Choice Award;
    • people’s Choice Award will be voted on publicly via the Smart Seeds website; and
    • judging criteria will be presented at the launch workshop.

Personal Information

  • Participants acknowledge and agree that:
    • any personal information they provide to GHD in the course of taking part in the Smart Seeds program (“Personal Information”) may be used by GHD for the purposes of the Smart Seeds Program;
    • GHD will comply with the terms of its Privacy Policy in respect of the Personal Information.
  • Participants consent to GHD using their name, likeness, image and/or voice in any media for an unlimited period of time, without remuneration, for any publicity and marketing purposes.

Collection Notice

  • We collect personal information about you in order to process your registration in the Smart Seeds Program and for purposes otherwise set out in our Privacy Policy.
  • We may disclose that information to third parties that help us deliver the program (including information technology suppliers, communication suppliers, and our business partners) or as required by law. If you do not provide this information, we may not be able to provide all of our program components to you. We may also disclose your personal information to recipients that are located outside of Australia, including to GHD group entities and other GHD offices.
  • Our Privacy Policy explains: (i) how we store and use, and how you may access and correct your personal information; (ii) how you can lodge a complaint regarding the handling of your personal information; and (iii) how we will handle any complaint. If you would like any further information about our privacy policies or practices, please contact us at:
  • By providing your personal information to us, you consent to the collection, use, storage and disclosure of that information as described in the Privacy Policy and these Terms.

Intellectual Property

For the purposes of the below clauses, “Intellectual Property” means any statutory and other proprietary rights in respect of inventions, innovations, patents, designs, circuit layouts, mask rights, copyrights (including future copyrights), trade secrets, know-how, trade marks and all other rights in respect of intellectual property as defined in Article 2 of the Convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organisation of July 1967.

  • GHD owns all Intellectual Property associated with the design and delivery of the Smart Seeds Program, including all Intellectual Property associated with any modules or learning materials (“Learning Materials”) provided to Participants as part of the program.
  • You agree to assign all Intellectual Property you create pursuant to your involvement in the Smart Seeds Program to GHD (hereafter, “Program Intellectual Property”).
  • You acknowledge and agree to sign any necessary documents to give effect to clause 17.
  • You acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to provide the Program Intellectual Property to any third party.
  • You agree by registering for the Smart Seeds Program that all “Program Intellectual Property” that you create pursuant to the Smart Seeds Program is original in nature and hasn’t been copied or reproduced from any third party.

Moral Rights

  • You must consent to any act or omission by GHD in using the Program Intellectual Property that might otherwise breach your moral rights.


  • For the avoidance of doubt, GHD, as the owner of the Program Intellectual Property, is free to use and deal with the Program Intellectual Property as it wishes (including into development of a commercial product).

Warranties and Disclaimers

  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, including the Australian Consumer Law, we make no warranties or representations about this website or the Smart Seeds Program (including the Learning Materials), including but not limited to warranties or representations that they will be complete, accurate or up-to-date or that this website will be secure.
  • We reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate without notice your access to this website or any feature of this website or the Smart Seeds Program at any time without notice and we will not be responsible for any loss, cost, damage or liability that may arise as a result.


  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, including the Australian Consumer Law, in no event shall GHD or Partners be liable for any direct and indirect loss, damage or expense (including any injury or damage to Participants or any other persons) – irrespective of the manner in which it occurs – which may be suffered due to your participation in the Smart Seeds Program and/or the information or materials used in the Smart Seeds Program including the Learning Materials, or as a result of the inaccessibility of this website and/or the fact that certain information or materials contained on it are incorrect, incomplete or not up-to-date.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

  • The Terms are governed by and must be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia and the parties unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.

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