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  • “Through these 10 weeks of Smart Seeds, we've learnt how to focus on the big picture while also holding on to the important details.”

    Meghana Lama
    Participant from Auckland Transport

  • “Smart Seeds is great because it's good ideas that are going to make a difference and can be used tomorrow rather than in a year's time.”

    Michael Fulton
    Judge from Fulton Hogan

  • “This whole program with interacting in a diverse team, but then bringing it all together with the pitch at the end is quite an experience and great exposure [for my career].”

    Will Furness
    Participant from Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

  • “Our teamwork was based on building on each other's ideas to create a product that will empower people.”

    Louise Frost
    Participant from Development Victoria

  • “It’s so aligned with the vision of Riverina (Regional Australia) growing. It’s so important to the region, particularly in these difficult times of the pandemic.”

    May Ngui
    Judge from GHD

Enabling diverse partners to co-create community-focused solutions


From the Future Energy program



Decarbonisation is an urgent challenge for communities globally, with the transport sector being a major contributor of carbon emissions. How might we harness the opportunity of accelerating the transition to decarbonised energy for intermodal transport hubs?


There is a growing demand to decarbonise, but clearer incentives are needed for the transition to happen. Transport Renewable Energy Certificates (T.R.E.C.) is an online market that produces transport renewable energy certificates, which act as a currency for successfully reducing carbon emissions.

Team: Christine Chang (CleanCo Queensland), Ciara Durnien (Water Corporation), Jessica Henrich (LAVO | Studio Air), Nathan Stones (Barwon Water), Kevin Truong (Lumea)

From the Christchurch program

Hoki Mai Te Wao: The Forest Returns


As Ōtautahi-Christchurch rebuilds from the 2011 Earthquake, how might a local project or initiative change the paradigm of green urban infrastructure? The concept should champion a positive response to climate change and a more liveable city.


Pop-up infrastructure (Wao Pods) which are living spaces made from native plants and recycled materials. The pods connect urban residents with nature, improving their wellbeing and raising the profile of Christchurch as the 'Garden City'..

Team: Mikade Barns-Graham (Christchurch City Council), Laura Jarvis (Lyttelton Port), Zipporah Ploeg (Environment Canterbury), Willy Silcock (Fulton Hogan), Rebecca Stokes (Sport Canterbury), Rebecca Yang (Ernst & Young)

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